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The convenience and freedom that payroll cards give is difficult to overestimate. Users get the opportunity to use their funds remotely, not to carry cash with them and not even to take a wallet, having limited themselves to a card. Forget about queues in accounting and waiting for the indicated time. Today, a bank card for salary and other income is available to every customer of the BANK ALLIANCE.

Best Payroll Bank Cards ALLIANCE

A wide range of cards from the BANK ALLIANCE makes it easy to choose the best option for you, suitable for all parameters.

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Salary Debit Card MC DEBIT

It is considered a universal debit card, which is quoted in the general system of international cards. Convenient for salary and further operations with it.

Salary card 1
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Classic MC STANDARD Card

This individual payroll card has an enhanced security system. You can use it at all points of international payments. Optimal for one-touch calculations. Saves user time when making banking transactions and purchases.

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Salary card 3

Premium MC PLATINUM Card

Opening this card gives the holder a number of advantages. It is characterized by the presence of chipping technology, which provides enhanced security, as well as Contactless technology, thanks to which you can make various calculations with one touch. The benefits to users of the platinum system are obvious from the first moments of its use.

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In case of using a banking service under an agreement:

  • Interest rate 36% per annum (fixed)

Consequences for the client in case of using a banking service and failure to fulfill his obligations under the agreement:

Interest rate charged on arrears70% per annum (for the amount of debt on the loan)

You can refuse banking services on the terms determined by the agreement and current legislation, in particular, consumer credit - the Law of Ukraine "On consumer crediting".

You should not buy any goods or services from a bank or a person related to it, as a prerequisite for the provision of these services, not related to the issuance of a loan and accompanying credit debt.

The Bank has the right to amend the agreements only with your consent (parties to the agreement), unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the legislation of Ukraine.

You can opt out of receiving advertising materials by means of remote communication channels. Detailed information can be found in the agreement on the bank's website:

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