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Want to quickly find out information on your cards, get a balance or a card statement, plan to open a deposit, apply for a loan, find the nearest branch and find out the current exchange rate or get information on FOREX?

What is available to you in the chatbot:

  • manage your cards:
    • find out the balance (including by credit card) or make a statement on the card
    • transfer from the Alliance card to the card of another Bank
    • change the limit on the card for payments or cash withdrawals
    • activate a new card (PIN setting) or lock the card
    • find out the details of the card in IBAN format
  • find out information about your deposits (amount, rate, expiration date, details for replenishment)
  • find out information about your loans (amount of limit and debt, minimum payment, details for replenishment)
  • find the nearest branch
  • learn about exchange rates for the nearest branch
  • get a consultation 24/7 (direct contact with a specialist)
  • learn about current shares of the Bank, current deposit rates and loan terms, frequently asked questions about Forex

Search bots in Telegram Messenger

  • In the messenger, click the search icon (magnifying glass in the upper right corner)
  • Type "BankAlians" in the search box
  • Starting interaction with the bot by pressing the START button.
  • Or download the Chat bot for a direct link


The first time you log in (if the user has not previously interacted with the Bot), a message will be sent: “Your account is not registered. Please enter the phone number in the international format (+ 380…) registered as a contact in the Alliance Bank. After that you will receive an SMS with a one-time password, which must be entered in the Bot.


The bot authorizes you on the basis of the entered mobile phone number, which MUST be financial in our Bank