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Payment cards are extremely user friendly. They are suitable for performing various banking operations without additional time and effort on the part of the owner. Debit plastic cards today - an alternative to cash, allowing you to make any calculations operational. The most profitable decision in favor of such cards will be when choosing a BANK ALLIANCE.

Advantages of a payment card from BANK ALLIANCE

The best personal payment cards BANK ALLIANCE

The BANK ALLIANCE offers several types of maps to its customers, among which you can choose the one that best suits you, according to the requirements and features of operation. Additional information about the types of cards can be obtained from bank employees online, by phone or in person.

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MC debit plastic debit card

The debit card allows you to additionally replenish it at a convenient time for the client. It functions within the framework of the international system. It can be used for cash payments on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

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Classic Bank Card MC STANDART

It can be used anywhere in the payment system. Chiping system allows you to count on an increased level of security. Suitable for calculations performed by one touch. The maximum convenience and saves the time of the owner.

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MC PLATINUM Premium Line Card

The ability to use comfortable services at airports around the world. Provides high discounts available only to MC PLATINUM holders. It is a premium card, thanks to which users get favorable terms of cooperation with the bank. It features enhanced protection and the possibility of contactless making payments.

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