BANK ALLIANCE has the highest levels of creditworthiness and reliability of deposit deposits - NRA Rurik

July 24, 2019

The Rurik National Rating Agency raised BANK ALLIANCE long-term borrower credit rating to uaAAA investment grade, with a change in the forecast for "stable", and also defined the bank's deposit ratings at r5-.

These ratings were announced at the meeting of the rating committee of the agency on July 8, 2019.

The borrower with the rating uaAAA is characterized by the highest creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers.

The forecast "stable" indicates a lack of prerequisites for changing the rating level in the near term.

The level of reliability rating of deposit deposits r5- is an indicator of the highest reliability. This means that BANK ALLIANCE, in comparison with other Ukrainian banks, is reliable, at least sensitive to adverse commercial, financial and economic factors. The probability of returning deposits is very high.

The National Rating Scale (NRS), approved by the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, was used for the rating assessment. Determination of the level of credit rating was carried out on the basis of a specially developed author's technique, taking into account the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation and international standards.

For the rating assessment, separate qualitative and quantitative indicators of the Bank were compared with the average indicators of the banking system of Ukraine and the corresponding indicators of analogue banks from the Rurik NRA database.

Key factors according to which the rating of the borrower "BANK ALLIANCE" was conducted is the acceptable concentration of client's loan portfolio by major borrowers and diversification of passive operations of the Bank; sufficient performance indicators, high quality client loan portfolio and the existence of a well thought-out comprehensive development strategy. A complete list of evaluation indicators can be found on the website of the NRA "Rurik".

BANK ALLIANCE maintains a high level of efficiency and credit, which is why our clients have the highest level of service and comfort, and the Bank remains an integral part of their business team.