Transactions in the interbank market

JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" is one of the leaders of the interbank market of Ukraine.

JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" concluded 47 General Agreements with counterparty banks (the largest and most active members of the MGBU), and in the future plans to expand the list of partners, as well as by concluding General Agreements with non-resident banks in the international market and opening correspondent accounts in the main reserve currencies.

Resource operations on the market:

  • Attraction and placement of loans and deposits in UAH and in SLE;
  • Resource operations of SWOT;
  • Conclusion of General agreements regarding the procedure for conducting interbank operations with counterparty banks.


  • Purchase or sale of SLE, OCT and bank metals for hryvnia;
  • Conducting calculations on currency-exchange operations under the conditions of TOT, TOM and SPOT;
  • Conducting operations such as “FORWARD” for hedging exchange rate risks.


  • Purchase or sale of one foreign currency for another foreign currency;
  • Possibility of operations with EUR, USD, GBP, RUB;
  • Conducting calculations under the conditions of the TA, TOM and SPOT.

Under the loan agreements, the Bank provides information to the Credit History Bureau "First All-Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories" in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and legal acts of Ukraine regarding the dissemination and provision of information.