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JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" provides services on collection of funds and transportation of currency values ​​for enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership.
Collection of funds and transportation of currency values ​​is carried out with full liability at special armored vehicles equipped with a GPS system with an "alarm button" and cash registers. The safety of transportation is provided by armed guard.

    Collection services from JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" is

  • Provision of cash collection services to clients of JSC BANK ALLIANCE and clients of other banks;
  • Flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each client when calculating the cost of services, taking into account the customer's specifics and wishes;

    Benefits of collection from JSC "BANK ALLIANCE":

  • Collection is carried out at a convenient time according to the agreed schedule;
  • The branch branch network of the bank provides coverage of all geographically distant points of sale indicated by the customer;
  • Support of the funds and valuables is provided by the bank's own collection service;

    The list of basic services of collection for legal entities:

  • Collection of proceeds from trading companies through the cash desk of our bank, or through the cash desk of the bank, the services of which is used by the client;
  • Collection of payment terminals of self-service;
  • Delivery of wages in cash offices of enterprises of institutions and organizations;

    List of basic services of collection for banks:

  • Interbank transportation;
  • Reinforcement and collection of branches of banking institutions through our Bank's cash desk, or through the cash desk of the bank with which the contract was concluded;
  • Removal of cash surplus from operational cash offices of banking institutions to the NBU cash desk;
  • Reinforcement of operating cash desks of banking institutions through the NBU cash desk;
  • Cash collection and electronic payment terminals;
  • Collection for legal entities and individuals;

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0 800 60 22 22

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