Overdraft card
  • Multicurrency credit line

  • The form of lending, in which within the limits of the established limit (in national currency), the issuance and repayment of a loan is carried out in several tranches in different currencies.
    The credit line can be restored (the possibility of repeated use and repayment of the loan within the established limit) and not renewable (after the selection and repayment of further lending is not provided).

  • Multicurrency credit line Conditions for the Limit:

    Minimal - from 500 000 UAH (equivalent in currency)

  • Benefits for the client:

  • the ability to independently manage their financial flows within the limits of the established credit limit;
  • the ability to get a credit line at any time and in any currency;
  • payment of international contracts at the expense of lending without the purchase of currency on the MW;
  • the possibility to independently regulate the size of obligations to the Bank in the mode most convenient for doing business;
  • the opportunity to re-select and repay loan funds during the term of the loan agreement within the limits of the established lending limit;

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