Business Loans

Business financing is the main specialization of BANK ALLIANCE JSC based on the principles of partnership on an equal footing. The credit services of the institution are of high standards of service. The Bank Manager begins by studying the needs of the client and the specifics of its activities.

The priority task of the bank is to help individuals and legal entities to choose the appropriate source for replenishing working capital. The most popular and affordable way is credit services from BANK ALLIANCE JSC. For example, financing of agricultural producers, a loan secured by a deposit, an overdraft and a line of credit.

Loans secured by deposit

Loans for business on the security of a deposit are very popular. The bank issues them for different purposes and terms, and as security it draws up the client’s property rights to a deposit account.

In Ukraine, in particular, in JSC “BANK ALLIANCE”, on the security of a deposit, it is possible to issue a regular loan, overdraft and even a whole credit line.

Credit line

A convenient way to finance an enterprise within a certain amount, when a loan for a small business or a larger enterprise is issued and repaid in installments (tranches). The credit line can be periodically renewed and used within the established limit. There is also a non-revolving credit line.

In JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" the maximum term of the credit line is 24 months. Available amount from 100 000 UAH., Or its equivalent in foreign currency.

Multicurrency credit line

This is the same credit line, during the work with which the money is received and returned in parts in different currencies. Multicurrency financing can also be renewable and non-renewable.

A multi-currency credit line without collateral in the amount of UAH 500,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency is available in BANK ALLIANCE JSC. The maximum amount should not exceed 25% of the volume of the regulatory capital of the bank.


This type of loan is needed to cover cash gaps. With its help, the business manages to ensure uninterrupted settlements with suppliers, employees and government agencies to pay for services, goods, salaries, taxes and other urgent payments.

Lending to agricultural enterprises

BANK ALLIANCE JSC often provides business loans from scratch to promising enterprises in the agro-industrial sector. As a rule, this is a non-revolving credit line with a return security in the form of a financial agrarian receipt.

  • The main requirements for the borrower:

  • the subject of lending may be a client to whom an account has been opened at BANK ALLIANCE;
  • the activities of the borrower must ensure the permanent receipt of funds on the accounts;
  • cycle of production (sales of goods) - continuous;
  • the borrower must have a positive credit history and business reputation.

Interest rates and commissions are determined in a differentiated way depending on the amount and terms of lending, as well as on the volume of non-lending services and cash flows of the borrower at JSC BANK ALLIANCE

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