Overdraft card
  • Lending on pledge of property rights to a deposit

  • Granting credit funds to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for different purposes and terms, the provision of which will be the property rights to deposit in JSC "BANK ALLIANCE".

  • Types of lending under the deposit:

  • Credit
  • Credit line
  • Overdraft
  • Benefits for the Client:

  • the possibility of flexible management of their financial flows;
  • the possibility of using one of the lending instruments (loan / credit line / overdraft) for settlements with counterparties without the need to break existing contracts for a deposit with the Bank and use the deposit as a security item;
  • the possibility of obtaining additional income from placement of funds for a term deposit in JSC "BANK ALLIANCE";
  • free opening and servicing of a deposit account.

You can get more detailed information from the VIP manager of JSC BANK ALLIANCE:

0 800 60 22 22 alliancebank@alliancebank.org.ua

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