"Stay at home, run your smartphone business" Alliance Bank has canceled the fee for using smart banking for business during the quarantine period in Ukraine

April 07, 2020

The global pandemic and the introduction of quarantine have affected every business in Ukraine. Bank Alliance is implementing business support measures. Today we would like to announce that from April to July 2020 the Bank Alliance will not charge a fixed fee for the use of smartphone banking. This is an important remote business management channel that is especially relevant today.

“Most of our clients are in" home "mode. It is our responsibility, as part of the client team, to be supportive during this period and to facilitate customer interaction with both the bank and its counterparties. Bank managers work individually with each client, trying to find the best solutions in difficult situations, and today we announce that from April to July 2020 we have canceled the fee for using a smartphone banking. This is a time for unification,” says Chairman of the Board Yulia Frolova.