Alliance Bank's new flagship branch: we are removing the "fourth wall" between customers and the bank

August 12, 2021

Alliance Bank is opening a branch of a new format in the business center of Kyiv, continuing to debunk the outdated myth of "bank-client" relations. According to opinion polls, a trip to the bank for Ukrainians is often associated with something unpleasant, bureaucratic, like a visit to an old-fashioned government agency. In fact - the bank can be simpler and clearer than the impression. We call it bank timemate - part of your team.

We want to be closer and more accessible, so we are opening a new office, where everyone can not only get quality service, but also comfortably relax / work / drink coffee - choose your option. The new branch is located in the center of Kyiv: on the ground floor of the business center "Senator" on the street. Moscowska, 32/2.


After a long experience of quarantine, the system of sales and service in Ukraine has completely changed. At the beginning of 2021, Ukraine recorded the largest number of Internet buyers in recent years - 42%. And as we went online, we realized how important human communication and direct help are to us

This is especially true about banks. After all, it is quite simple to order a card online, but by applying a multimillion-dollar financing or opening a deposit in a bank, the client wants to make sure that his decision is correct. Alliance Bank serves both individuals and legal entities, so we are always ready to help you in our branches


So how does the new flagship office looks like? As a basis, we took the need to remove the "fourth wall" - the so-called conditional boundary between actors and audiences. After all, sitting in line in the usual offices, the client could only watch what was happening, waiting peacefully. We break this principle and open a new space without shadows and large monitors between the client and the specialist.

Instead, it will have functional zoning with the help of special structures and living plants - only 8 comfort zones


Let's be honest - we always carry our work with us. 

meeting a person sitting with a laptop or making a call in a coffee shop it is not an uncommon thing nowadays. Only in the coffee shop doing this is less comfortable than in the well equipped lounge area of the branch of Bank Alliance.

In the new ranch you will find comfortable coworking with several working places and a coffee maker. So you can not only wait your turn, but also work, have a meeting or drink coffee right in the office.


Branches of Alliance Bank have not been looking outdated for a long time. We follow the same principle in the new place. Lots of free space and light, full-length windows at the entrance, upholstered furniture and everything you need for a comfortable staying. We always prefer the most natural materials, so you can find many wooden elements here. Another principle is landscaping. It is not only beautiful, but also very refreshing.


The difficulty of applying banking products online is that the customer has to look for the right offer. And when you come to the office, the specialist, identifying your needs, offers the best solution. There is one "but" - the pain of many clients waiting for a specialist and the physical availability of all necessary documents for identification.

At Alliance Bank, we have dealt with this problem: at the entrance you will be able to use Face liveness detection technology, which recognizes you and immediately provides specialists with information about your visit together with all the necessary data. Additionally, you can use the electronic queue, which is staying in the lounge area, and our specialist will help you choose the service. The "DIA" application on your smartphone will save you from having to bring along identification documents. To receive the service it is enough to have a smartphone.

Every new decision is not only the development of Alliance Bank, but also the development of the entire financial service sector. We want to prove once again that a simple "bank-client" relationship is real