For the Beneficiaries (Former Shareholders) of PJSC VITAMINS

September 02, 2019

BANK ALLIANCE JSC, from August 30, 2019, begins to pay cash to former shareholders of PJSC "VITAMINS". The payment is made on the basis of the List of Payments Persons provided by PJSC “VITAMINS”. To receive funds, the Beneficiary's personal data must correspond to the information / information listed in the Payments List.

How to get cash according to the existing list of PJSC "VITAMINS":

Beneficiary, addresses to the nearest branch of JSC BANK ALLIANCE, where he passes the procedure of identification and verification in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

An individual signs an application for payment of funds from an escrow account in the form provided by the Bank and provides:

- passport of a citizen of Ukraine / passport of a natural person-non-resident (or other document certifying the person and according to the legislation of Ukraine - obligatory;

- registration number of the taxpayer's accounting card of Ukraine (or identification number according to the State Register of natural persons - taxpayers) - taxpayers

- Details of the bank where the account is opened and the number of the current account, in case the Beneficiary intends to transfer funds to accounts with other banks of Ukraine;

- documents confirming the change of personal data for the purpose of carrying out the identification of the individual - if necessary. In case of submission of additional documents by the Client, the term for payment of funds shall be set up to 1O calendar days from the date of their receipt, which is required by JSC BANK ALLIANCE for verification of the submitted documents.

Paying attention to Beneficiaries!

Payment is made on condition that the personal data of the former shareholder are fully consistent with the data of the former shareholder in the list for payments received from PJSC "VITAMINS" and provided documents confirming the changes of this personal data, if such changes are not reflected in the list for payments received by the Bank from Vitamins PJSC.

The payout list may contain outdated personal information if the former shareholder has not previously contacted the Depositary Institution where he or she was opened a securities account.

To determine the list of additional documents required to receive payments to JSC BANK ALLIANCE, the Beneficiary must know the information about his personal data on his account in securities. To clarify this information from the register of shareholders, the Beneficiary has the right to contact PJSC "VITAMINS" with the following contact information:

Contact person of PJSC "VITAMINS"

Oleg Stadnitsky

tel .: +38 04744 4 67 60


 address for correspondence: 20300, Cherkasy region, Uman, vul. Leninsky Iskra (Assumption), 31

Contact person of JSC BANK ALLIANCE

Lavinskaya Julia

Phone: (044) 224-66-71 (ext.722)

Mailing address:


0 800 60 22 22