Bank Alliance stresses that the most important thing is people, their health and safety

March 16, 2020

All branches of Alliance Bank operate on a full-time basis. Of course, we take all the necessary measures to counteract the spread of the virus: we carry out sanitary treatment of the premises, all clients can use hand sanitizers, and also, we limit the number of people who can be in the wards at the same time.

But we urge to protect ourselves and our relatives and use the Bank's online service channels.

If you need to make any transactions with your accounts or cards, learn the important information - keep calm and use our mobile banking Alliance online 24/7, because you can:

  • find out the current exchange rate
  • pay all payments
  • make transfers from card to card
  • see the balance of cards and bills
  • to open, replenish and renew deposits
  • keep track of credit limits and overdrafts
  • to block the card in case of its loss or theft
  • change card limits
  • find nearby offices and terminals on the map


Through Telegrambot 24/7 you can:

  • find out the current exchange rate
  • quickly find out information on your cards
  • get a balance on the card
  • to open a deposit
  • to get a loan
  • to find the nearest branch
  • activate the map
  • change card limits


Through the 24/7 Contact Center you can:

  • to find out the most up-to-date information on the Bank's work
  • change card limits
  • block / unblock payment cards

And for all corporate clients there is our convenient Internet Client-Bank that will allow you to do basic banking operations from the office or home.

Contact Center:

0 800 60 2222 - calls from mobile phone to the line are NOT charged

+38 044 224 66 76 - for calls from abroad

You can also chat with a bank employee on Facebook Messenger, Viber or Telegram.

Links to the Bank's official messengers:

Facebook Messenger -

Chat in Telegram -

Telegrambot -

Links to Mobile Banking:

Keep yourselves!