JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" allows to return up to 19% of spent money on shopping in Europe together with mobile application TaxFree4U

May 07, 2019

BANK ALLIANCE has launched a tax free service for purchases in Europe for its customers through the mobile application TaxFree4U.

With the help of the unique mobile application of English company TaxFree4U an export declaration is formed, and in turn BANK ALLIANCE JSC refunds VAT to its clients' card without additional purchasing commissions in four European countries: Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

Our partnership with TaxFree4U, thanks to the use of advanced mobile technology, will make the VAT refund simple, comfortable and profitable.

For VAT refunds, our customers must register with the "ALLIANCE" promo code in the mobile application TaxFree4U (download: App Store, Google Play) or use the registration form https://taxfree4u.eu/ru/registration/?promo=ALLIANCE


After shopping, the user must take photos of the checks and download them in the application (necessarily on the day of making purchases).

From received checks TaxFree4U will formulate a declaration on VAT refund. The declaration

must be printed and provided to the customs officer before departure from the EU for validation (marks confirming the export of the goods). Without validation of the European customs, VAT can not be refunded. In order to return the VAT in the application, you need to download a card number (16 characters), which is opened in the currency "Hryvnia" at JSC "BANK ALLIANCE".

The customer's declaration and originals can be left in the box at the reception number 48 at the airport "Borispol" or send them by New post to Kiev to the "New Mail" office No. 58. Be sure to include the beneficiary's telephone number +38 063 485 75 30

VIDEO-VAT refund instructions through TaxFree4U: