Safes card


Reliable and convenient means of preserving your values

  • Keep important documents or family jewels in the safe to be sure of their integrity have a guarantee of theft or damage.
  • If in the near future you plan to buy a car or apartment - safely store in the bank safe large amounts of cash.
  • Are you planning a trip? Leave security values ​​in the bank safe at the time of vacation.
  • Each safe has a unique lock with two different keys, one of which is at you, and the other - in the bank. This eliminates the possibility of opening a safe without your presence.

The advantages of using individual bank safes

Guarantee of confidentiality, reliability and safety of the storage of own values ​​or values ​​of the company;

The ability to use Safe as you and your trustee;

You can rent the Safe at any time from 1 days and up to 365 days with the possibility of prolonging the lease term of Safe;

The size of the Safe you choose by yourself, depending on your own needs;

The service is provided to clients - individuals and legal entities, residents and non-residents of Ukraine.

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