Business deposit products are a reliability-led yield:

  • The Bank's stable profitability for at least three years
  • All NBU regulations are without violations
  • Bank independent of Financial and industrial groups - no need to lend/support group enterprises - only economically feasible operations
  • Flexible rates for any purpose - from savings account to early deposits for up to 7 days.
You can seek the advice of a specialist in your area
Kiev and the region, Zhytomyr and the region, Vinnitsa and the region, Cherkasy and the region, Kropyvnytskyi and Kirovograd regions, Chernihiv and the region
Bogatsova Alsou
+38 050 212 83 94
Zaporozhye and region, Kherson and region, Odessa and region, Nikolaev and region
Lutsenko Alexey
+38 068 215 60 50
Kharkiv and region, Poltava and region, Sumy and region
Pishnyak Andrey
+38 095 399 06 39
Western Lviv and the region, Ivano-Frankivsk and the region, Ternopil and the region, Exactly and the region, Lutsk and the region, Khmelnytsky and the region, Chernivtsi and the region, Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian region
Dnipro and region Donetsk and region, Lugansk and region
Pishnyak Andrey
+38 095 399 06 39
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More detailed information can be obtained from the corporate manager of JSC BANK ALLIANCE:

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  • Contract Deposit Classic
  • Договір банківського вкладу Депозит «Rollover» (для юридичних осіб та фізичних осіб - підприємців)