Banking metals

Under global economic instability, precious metals always remain valuable and liquid. Bullion investment is a great deal and investment in the future.

The benefits of buying banking metals

Opportunity to purchase bank metals of recognized world manufacturers, in particular - Valcambi SA, Argor Heraeus S.A., CreditSuisse (Switzerland), HeraeusGmbH, Commerzbank (Germany). Deposits in precious metals have a number of advantages that are indispensable for investors:

Reliability and stability in any economic situation in the world;
Convenience of storage and visual appeal of such a contribution, which makes it possible to present it as a gift;
High liquidity and constant demand for such deposits, which allows you to quickly and profitably conduct various banking operations;

Таблиця курсів металів

Назва, проба та вага зливків
банківських металів
Придбання у клієнтівПродаж клієнтам
Золотий зливок 1г1785178521002100
Золотий зливок 2г1650330019903980
Золотий зливок 2,5г1650412519904975
Золотий зливок 5г1620810018709350
Золотий зливок 10г160016000183018300
Золотий зливок 20г157031400181036200
Золотий зливок 1унц156548671.5180055980
Золотий зливок 50г156078000179089500
Золотий зливок 100г15551555001780178000
Золотий зливок 100г (литий)15101510001700170000
Золотий зливок 250г15103775001700425000
Золотий зливок 500г15107550001700850000
Золотий зливок 1000г1510151000017001700000

BANK ALLIANCE offers a range of operations with banking metals

  • sale of bank metals;
  • conversion of bank metal into another bank metal;
  • exchange of an ingot of banking metal on the bars of a greater or lesser weight;
  • responsible storage of bank metals in JSC BANK ALLIANCE.

We offer the opportunity to quickly and profitably buy silver, gold, platinum or convert to foreign / national currency and so on.

Banking metals purchase and sale procedure and necessary documents

You can place an order on our website. Expect a call from an employee who will make an appointment as soon as possible at a convenient time for you. You must have a passport and TIN. To clarify current prices and other details, you can call the hotline or during a personal conversation with staff who are ready to answer any questions and make the procedure as pleasant and prompt as possible.


  • Gold (XAU - 959)
  • Silver (XAG - 961)


Come to our department with prepared documents (you can find a list of required documents on our website).


How bank metals are credited to the current account:

  • Bringing ingots of banking metals to the cash desk of Bank Alliance (if there is an expert appraiser);
  • Purchase at the "Bank Alliance" cash desk (the sale of bank metal at the "Bank Alliance" cash desk is carried out at the rate of sale of bank metals on the day of the operation, while the purchased bars of bank metal are not handed over to the client);
  • Purchase of bank metals at the MTRU (including conversion of one bank metal into another);
  • Transfer of bank metals from your own current / deposit account from another bank;
  • Transfer of bank metals from your own account with Alliance Bank (including interest).

Transfer of bank metals from the current account:

  • To your own deposit account (with Bank Alliance or with another bank);
  • To your own current account with another bank;
  • To a current account in banking metals of another individual (in the Alliance Bank or in another bank);
  • Selling / converting bank metals.

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