• Favorable and flexible accommodation conditions, the best % of the rate

  • Possibility of operational control through INTERNET CLIENT-BANK

  • Optimal document flow when opening a deposit account and depositing

  • A deposit placed in the BANK ALLIANCE can act as collateral for active transactions (which have a simplified registration - EXPRESS CREDIT).

    Types of placement of free funds:

  • Deposit line "DYNAMIC" allows business clients to simultaneously place funds on one deposit account in the form of deposits (tranches) with different conditions for rates and amounts. The interest rate on each tranche depends on the timing of placing such a tranche on the deposit account.

  • Deposit "CLASSIC" place money on a deposit account for a specified term with payment of fixed interest depending on the term of deposit placement.

DepositMinimum deposit amountDeposit timePayment of interestAbility to replenishInterest rate
Deposit line DYNAMIC25 000 UAH
1 000 USD
1 000 EUR
from 3 days
to 365/366 days
or at the end of
the line
new one
the tranche
up to 11,50% (UAH)
up to 2,25% (USD)
up to 1,00% (EUR)
Депозит КЛАСИЧНИЙ50 000 UAH
2 000 USD
2 000 EUR
from 3 days
to 365/366 days
or at the end of
the line
not allowedup to 12,50% (UAH)
up to 2,50% (USD)
up to 1,50% (EUR)

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