It is offered for individuals in need of lending for any consumer needs, in the form of a revolving credit line.


Lending currencyHryvnia (UAH)
Loan AmountUp to 100 000,00 UAH.
Loan termsRevolving credit line
Interest ratesFixed, 38% per annum
Additional related costsAre absent
Purpose of lending
  • Acquisition of durable goods (furniture, household appliances, etc.).
  • Acquisition of consumer goods.
  • Target needs (treatment, education, childbirth, rest, etc.).
  • Reconstruction and overhaul (of individual residential buildings; apartments; garages of summer houses and buildings in the countryside).
  • Other consumer needs.
Type of collateral
  • without collateral;
  • without the guarantee of third parties.


  • transparent credit conditions - interest rate fixed for the whole term;
  • availability of grace period up to 45 days
  • when calculating the maximum loan amount, the Bank takes into account the salary of the Client (borrower). Do it to the Borrower: plan your family budget; realize the degree and amount of liability for their obligations; determine the possibility of paying payments under a loan agreement.
  • early repayment of the loan is carried out without penalties;
  • The return by the Borrower of the principal amount of the loan debt and interest for use are accepted in cash and non-cash form in the network of BANK ALLIANCE JSC (without paying any fees for such operations);
  • a loan obtained in national currency insures the currency and exchange rate risks of the borrower, as borrowers in Ukraine receive income in national currency;
  • the opportunity for the client to independently regulate the amount of obligations to the Bank in the most convenient way;
  • the possibility of significant savings in obtaining credit funds - loan payments are made upon receipt of a loan tranche.

We are sure that the implementation of the proposed service will satisfy your needs. BANK ALLIANCE JSC guarantees an individual approach and taking into account your interests in the implementation of this project.