August 14, 2019

The Board of JSC BANK ALLIANCE officially announces that the Bank has a transparent share capital structure, which is regularly reported on the National Bank of Ukraine website and on the Bank's website and is publicly available. The owner of the substantial participation in the Bank is Sosis Alexander Yosypovich, who owns 89,289006% of the Bank's shares.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the legislation, planning by any person to acquire a significant participation in a banking institution, the National Bank of Ukraine carefully examines the business reputation of such a person, assesses the country of origin of funds and agrees with or denies the acquisition of a substantial participation in the capital. BANK ALLIANCE JSC claims that it did not submit to the NBU a package of documents regarding any new person to agree to acquire a substantial participation in the Bank's capital.

BANK ALLIANCE JSC complies with all financial standards stipulated by the current banking legislation of Ukraine. As of 08.08.2019 the actual values ​​were:

  • Instant liquidity - 58% (regulatory value - min 20%)
  • Current liquidity - 83% (regulatory value - min 40%)
  • Short-term liquidity - 82% (regulatory value - min 60%)
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio, LCR Total - 168% (regulatory value - min 90%)
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio, LCR FX - 203% (regulatory value - min 90%)
  • The sound credit policy of the Bank is reflected in the best among banks indicator of bad credit. The portion of the overdue loan portfolio is only 0.4% (the average among banks is 50%).

In July 2019, the Rurik National Credit Rating Agency was awarded the highest credit rating to uaAAA, with a change in outlook to "stable" and a rating of bank deposits at r5-.

The intensive development of the Bank is also evidence of the constant expansion of the range of services offered to clients. In particular, in accordance with the decision of the NCSSMC # 387 dated 23.07.2019, the Bank received licenses in August to carry out professional activity in securities trading (Dealer activity) and to perform professional depository activity as a depository institution on the stock market.

The above indicators are confirmed by the official reply of the National Bank of Ukraine on confirmation of information on the Bank's activities (attached).