Important information for clients of JSC BANK ALLIANCE to change the accounts for the international bank account number according to IBAN standard

July 09, 2019

From 05.08.2019, according to the resolutions of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 162 dated December 28, 2018, and # 41 of February 22, 2019, all banks of Ukraine, including JSC BANK ALLIANCE, will open new IBAN customers' accounts.

Between 05.08.2019 and 31.10.2019 there will be a transitional period during which it will be possible to perform calculations using both the IBAN and the old format.

From 01.11.2019, all transfers will be made only with the use of the IBAN.

This means that the accounts of all Ukrainian banks will change the format. The summary in IBAN format, besides the account number, will contain information about the country code and bank code.

For Ukraine, the IBAN consists of 29 letters and numbers: country code, control digit, bank code and account number.

Why do I need an IBAN?

IBAN is created for use in international settlements.

The international IBAN bank account number allows you to harmonize the Ukrainian payment area with the European one.

That is why the NBU introduces the use of an international standard for a bank account number in Ukraine. IBAN will become mandatory for clients of all Ukrainian banks when making payments in national and foreign currencies, including for cross-border transfers.

IBAN startup time:

Starting from August 5, 2019, BANK ALLIANCE will open new accounts to all customers in the IBAN standard.

For already opened accounts IBAN number will be calculated by the Bank and will operate in parallel with the old details for the transition period.

After the end of the transition period, namely, starting from November 1, 2019, only IBAN account numbers will be used to make payments to Ukrainian banks.

During the transition period (from August 5 to October 31, 2019), the Bank's clients will be able to indicate in the requisites of settlement documents both the current account number and Bank code as well as the account number in the IBAN standard.

Where to find out your IBAN account number:

Starting from 15.07.2019 you can find out your IBAN number:

  •  In the system "Client-Bank" you will be sent a letter with the number of your accounts
  •  from his manager at the Bank branch
  •  by contacting the Bank's information and reference service by phone:

0 800 60 22 22 round-the-clock (free of charge from mobile in Ukraine)

+38 044 224 66 76 - for calls from abroad