BANK ALLIANCE took part in the round table of the "Financial Club" on the topic: "Financing the agro-sector: what products and services are banks ready to offer to agricultural enterprises?"

April 08, 2019

At the meeting Andriy Dalchanin, Head of the Agribusiness Development Department of JSC BANK ALLIANCE, raised the following topics:

1. Programs and products that will be most interesting and necessary for agribusinesses

2. Lending to enterprises using agrarian receipts.

3. Traditional loans or documentary operations: which of these instruments are in demand among farmers, and which ones are most often offered to them by banks?

4. Terms of lending to the agricultural sector in 2019

Transparent and understandable financing conditions remain at the foremost for producers, in which the following requirements are met: speed of decision-making, shortened package of documents, presence of a non-installment in the structure of the loan and the qualifications of specialists.

All these requirements correspond to the direction of agribusiness JSC BANK ALLIANCE.