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Money transfers Western Union, MoneyGram, Welsend

Worldwide remittances are a great alternative to cash transfers and card use. This is an opportunity to save the time and effort of the user by contacting the BANK ALLIANCE for help.

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How to send and receive a money transfer?

For clients, BANK ALLIANCE offers money transfer through the territory of Ukraine, as well as abroad. In this case, you can choose the most convenient option for you - without opening an account or from one account to another, if you already have one. Available worldwide transactions with the euro, US dollars, Russian rubles.
You can send funds using the payment systems Welsend, Western Union and Money Gram. Payments are made in Ukraine, the CIS, as well as to the territory of any other state where this system operates.

    To send funds you will need:

  • Visit a bank branch with a civil passport
  • Submit an application stating the amount, currency, as well as the details of the recipient and the country to which the transfer is made
  • Receive your control number, which will need to be transferred to the recipient
  • * This algorithm is relevant for international and domestic translations.

    For receipt it is necessary:

  • Come to the bank branch with a passport;
  • Call control number;
  • Then bank employees will issue funds to the recipient.

Deadlines for crediting funds to recipients:

Deadlines depend on whether you choose urgent or regular transfers. Also, the deadline for the transfer of funds affects the user-selected payment system.
Without opening an account, the deposit period is no more than one banking day. If the transfer of funds in Euros or any other currency is carried out between accounts, the deadline for transfer of funds cannot be more than three banking days.

Through payment system Western Union

Immediately after making the payment is ready to access online. The amount, which in the national currency equivalent does not exceed 400 thousand UAH. is transferred in one banking day without opening an account. If the amount exceeds the specified limit, the term remains the same, but you need to open a bank account.

Through the payment system MoneyGram International and Welsend

Both within Ukraine and from other countries payments are transferred in one banking day. When the amount of over 400 000 UAH. It is necessary to provide documents justifying such a payment and open an account. However, we note that the transfer in a foreign currency by an individual for cash payments without opening an account is prohibited, regardless of the amount.

Benefits of money transfers to the ALLIANCE BANK

Regardless of whether you choose the MoneyGram, Welsend or Western Union money transfer system, the BANK ALLIANCE offers the most favorable terms of cooperation. At your service cheap tariffs, guarantee of reliability and pleasant service.