Settlement and cash services for individuals

Advantages of opening and maintaining an account in BANK ALLIANCE:

  • Operative opening of an account in both national and foreign currencies.
  • Fast transfer of funds to any other current account, including the account of a legal entity.
  • You can open an account both on your own name and on the name of your minor or minor child in favor of another person.
  • At the request of the Client to an open account, ALLIANCE BANK issues a payment card.
  • Conduct regular transfers on behalf of the client on the basis of the contract (contractual write-off).
  • Skilled Officers ALLIANCE BANK can always provide advice on all issues that arise when opening an account and conducting transactions.

    Services provided at the cashier of the ALLIANCE BANK:

  • cash transactions (issuance and enrollment)
  • purchase and sale of foreign currency
  • acceptance of all types of payments from individuals to the accounts of legal entities
  • recalculation and verification of authenticity of banknotes in national and foreign currencies
  • enrollment of transfers from any country of the world

    Opening current accounts is possible in:

  • Hryvnias;
  • US dollars;
  • Euro;
  • Pounds sterling
  • Russian rubles.

    To open a current account in BANK ALLIANCE you need:

  • To visit the Bank branch or leave an application on our site.
  • Provide the necessary documents to open an account.
  • To fill in the application form for joining the Public Contract.

JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" is a participant of the Guarantee Fund for Individuals Deposits (Certificate No.223 dated October 18, 2012).