To the attention of Clients! JSC "BANK ALLIANCE" introduces an international bank account number (IBAN)

April 09, 2019

From 05.08.2019, BANK ALLIANCE, in accordance with the resolutions of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 162 dated December 28, 2018 and No. 41 dated February 22, 2019, will open new IBAN accounts for Clients.

In the period from 05.08.2019 till 31.10.2019 there will be a transitional period during which it is possible to make calculations using both IBAN and in the old format: MFO code + account number.

The international IBAN bank account number allows you to harmonize the Ukrainian payment area with the European one. The use of the IBAN standard, due to the reduction of requisites, will make the settlement documents more convenient.

IBAN format:


1) the first part consists of 2 characters UA - the permanent code of Ukraine

2) the second part consists of 2 characters - the control number

3) the third part consists of 6 digits - the code "BANK ALLIANCE", assigned by the National Bank of Ukraine

4) the fourth part consists of 19 characters - the intra-bank account number of the Client

Due to this Clients of "BANK ALLIANCE" will be able to:

· It is convenient and easy to identify the payer and the recipient, as well as the bank of Ukraine, which serves them

· Avoid mistakes in account details due to reduction of requisites in settlement documents

· Faster transfer and receive funds

· In the future, it will be possible to use QR codes to facilitate payment of invoices and exchange of payment information