Alliance Bank launched F1 business loan: money for small and medium-sized businesses in just 2 hours

September 01, 2021

F1 business loan from Alliance Bank: from 0 to 1 million in 2 hours.

Fast, clear and to the point - this is how decisions should be made for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). After all, if a large business can afford to be sluggish, then the success of SMEs is 50% consists of flexibility and speed. Therefore, “as quickly as possible” is the main goal that we want to achieve with the F1 business loan.

“Realizing that online is not only about security, but also about saving time, we have implemented a digital technology for processing blank loans. This will allow clients to generate an application for the loan and sign a loan agreement without leaving the office using an electronic signature, ”says Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Sergei Bocharov.

Options of the F1 business loan 

You can apply for a loan online without visiting a bank’s branch. Actually, there is no need to go to the bank from the stage of the application to the receiving of funds - we have fully automated the process and will fill in the necessary papers ourselves so that the client does not wastes time on this.

Business loan F1 gives you the opportunity to get from 50,000 to 1,000,000 UAH for a period of 12/24/36 months. At the same time, there is no bank commission for processing a loan.

After sending an application for a business loan, the bank provides a solution within 2 hours. And on the same day, the money for business development can be in the hands of the client.

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